Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ticket for Seatbelt Violation

While riding down the road today I noticed something as a car passed me going the other direction. There was a seatbelt hanging out of the driver’s door. I thought to myself, (I never really got that saying "I thought to myself", who else are you going to think to?). Anyway, how is the driver of that car going to explain not having a seatbelt on to the police officer that is directing traffic about ten cars ahead? Maybe the officer will not notice the shiny metal buckle swinging from the door frame. It is possible that the metal buckle clanging against the ground will be muffled by a passing car or the police radio. But, the jerking motion of the driver and the yelling "What it the heck is the darn seatbelt hung on" through clenched teeth, is definitely going to bring some attention to the fact that the seatbelt is not securely fastened.