Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Blogging Penguin

Jamie and I had a little contest going on about which one of us would get a visitor to our blog from all seven continents first. She had six and I only had five, then I had a visitor from South Africa so we were tied (thank you South African blogger). The only continent left for both of us was Antarctica, so we were joking that we needed a blogging penguin.

The other day my quest for the blogging penguin was filled. Please don't take it personal if you are the one in Antarctica that visited; I don't think you are a penguin; as cold as one yes, but not an actual penguin. Thank you to my cold visitor for stopping by.

Now I have to try and get visitors from all fifty state in the United States. Jamie is well ahead of on visiting state list. One more thing, if you are in Antarctica and reading this, please visit my wife's blog and make her a very happy camper.