Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dead Air

Jamie and I were listening to the radio the other day. I understand that they have to play the advertisments to pay the bills. When the advertisment was over, there was nothing, just dead air, complete quiet for about a minute. A minute is a very long time when it comes to Radio air time. I have a few scenerios in my head of what is going on when a radio station has dead air:

1. The people that work there are all running around like Chicken Little, crashing into each other looking for the right button to push to get some music playing.

2. The is a manager yelling over the company intercom that "If there is not something playing on the air in two seconds somebody is losing their job.

3. The DJ from a rival station has snuck in and unplugged the MP3 player.

4. An intern on their break drinking a three dollar coffee is acting like a highly paid DJ and just kickin' back in a chair to prop up his or her feet and kicked the pause button by accident.

Ok, now you know some of the thoughts that are in my head.