Thursday, June 5, 2008

Original Idea?

If you don't know that something is already being done is it any less original? When I started blogging my Photograph a Day, I had no idea if anyone else was doing it. I was new to blogging and had not really looked at other blogs for any photography post. It was just a great way to share something I love to do with others. Doing a Photograph a Day challenges me to see the world around me in a different way. We often go through the day much faster than we need to; by doing this, God's awesome creations are often missed. In order to come up with a Photograph a Day I have to be constantly watching for the next shot, which help me slow down and enjoy the beauty around me.

So going back to the question, does the fact that other bloggers may have been doing a photo a day before me make it any less original? The answer in my mind is no, each one of us is unique and has a different view on life and the world around us, so everything we create is original.