Friday, June 20, 2008


The strange guy that lives on the corner, might be how some of my neighbors describe me. They have watched me stand on top of the entrance sign for the neighborhood, run across the front yard carrying an opened ladder, and laying on my stomach in our flowerbed, all while holding a camera in my hand.

I titled this post boxless because I'm trying to remove myself from the standard type of photographs, or shoot outside the photography box, at least for some shots. By becoming more boxless, I hope to become a better photographer. I’m trying to see the world around me in different ways; capture things that others may walk past and not even give a second glance. Sometimes I get a shot just the way I wanted it, matching that mental picture I have of it. But, there are other times when it is nothing like I thought; which could be good or bad.

I'm learning more about photography every single day. It is important to me that I learn something from every photo shoot. If I ever stop learning, I can't improve the quality of my photographs. So, I’ll continue to be the strange guy on the corner taking pictures of weird stuff. But I can guarantee this; I’ll have a smile on my face while doing so.