Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We went on our first camping trip this past weekend with the homeschool group from church. It has been years since I’ve been camping, Jamie went when she was a child but this was Kathryn’s first time. I had the job of cooking while on the trip, the next time I’ll have to remember to bring the lighter fluid (that might be another post all together). Everything worked out fine, I cooked supper the first night over the open fire. We had chicken and sweet potatoes and Jamie made s’mores for dessert.

The next day Kathryn and I went on a little nature walk and saw many things, one was a rat snake. She did a good job of not running from it or screaming and scaring it off, so we had a good chance to watch its behavior. The snake moved to the side of the trail, curled around, and raised up a bit then used its tail to vibrate the leaves around it to sound like a rattlesnake. It was awesome to see the reaction from the rat snake, mimicking a snake that is known to be poisonous to help protect itself from predators; God is awesome.

Seeing the reaction of the snake made me think about how we might react toward others that we don’t know. Do we put up a front to make ourselves appear to be something we are not, or do we welcome them just as we are and get to know them better?