Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 136: Paper Necklace

Day 136: Paper Necklace

Paper necklace made the women of Jinja, Uganda.

A friend of ours, that we met on a mission trip in Botswana, has a ministry called "God is Grace". The ministry is to find women supporters in the US to sponsor a woman in Jinja, Uganda so that she can learn a trade and have the ability to feed her family.

The necklace above is an example of how the women of Jinja are learning to support their family. The necklaces are made of paper that has been tightly hand rolled to make the beads. The necklaces are then sealed to protect the paper from the elements. It is amazing the colors and styles that can be made from paper. If you would like to purchase one of these beautifully hand made necklaces that is truly a work of art, The Beautiful Life has teamed with God is Grace to sell them online.

The women also learn the skill of sewing and use cement bag to practice.

Cement Bag Dress

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Inspiration: Pepper Nix