Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 75: My Christmas Gifts

Day 75- My Christmas Gifts

We opened our Christmas gifts early this year. My family is awesome; they got me just what I wanted. I've been looking for some cool new shirts, a camera grip strap, and a watch. Also after reading a few reviews on the "Vision Mongers" book, I just had to have it. Now I don't have to buy it. There was also a bonus the "Best Business Practices for Photographers" book and a "Crazy for Kenken" book that Jamie could not resist getting because as she put it, she is "Crazy for Ken Ken."

Manual: page 110 "Printing Photographs"

Inspiration: We were given a wonderful gift by new friends, the book "Time Great Discoveries Explorations that Changer History". I look at the amazing images in this book for today's inspiration.