Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday in Africa

Our Sunday in Africa was like three days rolled into one. We started with worship at Open Baptist Church. It's wonderful to have thirty-three nations represented in one church.

OBC Cross

They ask all the visitors in the congregation to stand up. A microphone was passed around for them to tell where there from, it was amazing to me that there were people from many other African countries and even a lady from Holland.We sang worship songs with the praise team.

OBC Praise Team

Pastor Norman gave the sermon

Pastor Norman

After the service we when to Pastor Norman and Gabi's home for lunch. They have a beautiful; Gabi cooked a wonderful lunch for use and Pastor Norman has quiet the green thumb. Just look and the color in the flowers below.

Norman's Flowers

After lunch we went to a grand opening of Naledi Fellowship Baptist. Below are some of the children in the community the Fellowship Baptist servers. I have many more photos of the children but did not want to slow this post down even more.



Then we ended our day back at Open Baptist Church for more marriage enrichment with Barrett and Jenifer Johnson.
It is such a blessing to see how God is working in the community through these churches. I feel so honored to have been a small part of God's work.
Thank you Lord for all the love.